In my research and the research of my team, we closely connect the study of political ideas with analysing contemporary society. We employ a wide range of methods in modern theory building such as action theory, decision and game theory as well as computer simulations:

  • One focus in my research is the discussion of normative questions based on classical text in political philosophy as well as analytical philosophy and (political) economics.
  • In my research I put also an emphasis on developing, improving and applying methods of decision and game theoretic methods for political questions.
  • I perceive one of our main tasks as a political theorist to reflect on the methodology employed by myself and my colleagues in the political and social sciences as well as humanities.
  • Finally, I use Computational Agent Based Models to discuss the emergence of political and social phenomena.

Currently, I am part of the ANR-DFG funded Research Group ColAForm. Our goal is to understand better how, and when deliberation and aggregation can be conjoinced in order to arrive at better processes of collective attitude formation.

Some Selected Publications

Klein, Dominik, Marx, Johannes, and Scheller, Simon (submitted, to appear end 2018): Rational Choice and Asymmetric Learning in Iterated Social Interactions. Some Lessons from Agent-Based Modeling. In: Marker, Karl; Schmitt, Annette; Sirsch, Jürgen (eds.): Democracy and Choice (pre-print).

Klein, Dominik, Marx, Johannes, and Scheller, Simon (2018): Rationality in Context. On Inequality and the Epistemic Problems of Maximizing Expected Utility. Accepted for publication in Synthese. (pre-print).

This is the pre-print of an article accepted for publication in Synthese. The final authenticated version is available online .

Klein, Dominik, Marx, Johannes, and Fischbach, Kai (2018): Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy. HSR. Vol. 43:1. pp. 234-258. (pdf-file).

Marx, Johannes (2018): Mancur Olson, Die Logik kollektiven Handelns. I: Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert, Hrsg. M. Brocker, Suhrkamp, pp. 475-489.

Klein, Dominik and Marx, Johannes (2018): Generalized Trust in the Mirror. HSR. Vol. 43:1. pp. 234-258. (pdf-file)
The computer model can be downloaded from COMSES Openabm.

Marx, Johannes and Waas, Johann (2017): Gut und günstig? Über den Wert von Demokratie und Kapitalismus. In: Katharina Hirschbrunn, Gisela Kubon-Gilke, Richard Sturn (Hrsg.): Normative und institutionelle Grundfragen der Ökonomik, Jahrbuch 2017, Metropolis-Verlag Marburg, S. 187-209 (pre-print).

Klein, Dominik and Marx, Johannes (2017): Wenn Du gehst, geh ich auch! Die Rolle von Informationskaskaden bei der Entstehung von Massenbewegungen. In: PVS. Vol. 58: 4.  (Post-Skript_file)
The computer model can be downloaded from COMSES Openabm.

Klein, Dominik and Marx, Johannes (2017): The Dynamics of Trust – Emergence and Destruction. In:, Proceedings of the 17th International workshop on Trust in Agent Societies (2014), Vol. 1720, 68-77.(pdf-file)

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