Johannes Marx is Chair of Political Theory and a Professor for Political Science at the University of Bamberg.  He analyzes normative and analytical questions in Political Theory. In his work, he closely links the study of political ideas with contemporary analyses of society, employing recent tools in theory formation, such as action and decision theory, game theory, and computer simulations. He is working on the emergence of collective belief formation, the evolution of interpersonal trust in societies, emergence and change of institutions, the quality and status of rational choice explanation, philosophy of the social sciences and economics, the value of market and democracy, and on the agency, rights and duties of animals, robots and men.

He is a member of an ANR-DFG funded, international research group of collective belief formation (ColAForm), of the Bamberg Centre for Innovative Applicatons of Computer Science (ZIAI), and of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS).