The spreading of viruses in a population depends not only on biological factors and the availability of effective pharmaceutical products, but also on human behaviour. Since in the case of CoViD-19, there are currently no pharmaceutical measures available, the discussion focuses on non-pharmaceutical measures such as social distancing and quarantines. However, whether and to what extent these measures achieve the desired effects, does not only depend on medical parameters but also on human behaviour: A sufficient number of individuals need to change their social behaviour to successfully contain the spreading of CoViD-19. We offer an interactive computer simulation that allows us to compare different policy measures and social rules such as social distancing and quarantine in terms of their potential for virus containment. In Klein, Marx, Mayerhoffer and Sirsch 2020, we describe the basic structure as well as some implications of a simulation designed to model the effectiveness of different measures to contain the spreading of viruses like CoViD-19. 

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